Health Effects derived from an annual course of Biodanza practise:

en empirical study on 235 people



Realized: Biodanza Italia - Associazione Etico Culturale Italiana dagli Operatori di Biodanza Sistema Rolando Toro - 2015





There are various possibilities to work more deeply in Biodanza® as for example:

  • Creativity Workshops (expression through drawing, painting, singing, sculpture poetry)
  • The Tree of Desires
  • The Minotaur Project
  • Voice, Music and Percussion Instruments 
  • Expression of our Emotions
  • Biodanza® and Clay
  • Biodanza® in Nature
  • Aquatic Biodanza®
  • Biodanza®, Identity and the four Elements
  • Biodanza® and Massage
  • Biodanza® and Poetry
  • Family Biodanza®
  • Biodanza® for children
  • Biodanza® for the Elderly
  • Biodanza® for Couples
  • Biodanza® for Business
  • To Dance of the I Ching