The importance of working on integration and liberation of the voice in Biodanza® is fundamental. I call it "ocal movement"or "ance of the voice" In a complementary proposition of Biodanza®, the voice cannot be isolated from integrated movement and from dance. In this movement, this dance, the pelvic segment and the abdominal, diaphragmatic, pectoral, cervical and oral segments move, flow, in an integrated and free manner, stretching, by resonance to the arms, the hands, the legs and the feet.


The emotions and expression must be totally implicated.


In Biodanza®, the "spoken words" are usually reduced to a minimum, as they have a strong rational connotation and structure, but when those words are full of emotion, they already start to transform into a dance.


Many people working everyday using their voice manage to express their own ideas and objectives very well with words. However, when they need to speak about their emotions, where their life and passion are involved, they experience a block and can hardly breathe, which impedes completely the possibility of an integrated dance. The voice work in Biodanza, stimulates a kind of dance in which rhythm, breathing, internal movements and external expression are completely integrated.


Through music as a musical sound, or as a sounding dance, or through SINGING, we reach a "vivencia" that is a healing vibration, a pulsation that penetrates, envelopes and dissolves.


The shamans use singing to transform disharmonious rhythms into healthy and harmonious rhythmic movements. They breathe and sing harmony like a breeze caressing the flowers from the trees, or the wind the sea waves, the sea the sand on the beach, or the waterfall the rocks. They are organic and healing fluxes reactivating the dance of life and cosmic harmony.


Integrated movements are music, we only have to hear them, to admire them, to live them as "vivencias", all our embraces are made of sound, all our meetings with life are musical.


In Biodanza®, SINGING and VOICE are vital movements, they are pure emotion.


Biodanza® is movement, emotion, music, song, dance of life and it certainly is The Art of Being.


by Sérgio Cruz