I was born in Venezuela from Italian parents and I came to Italy in 1992. 

I began to practice the art of teching very early, since when I was still in high school and I never left this profession, which I really love. This allowed me to enlarge during these years my vision of the learning, to modify my approach to the pupils and to live and understand that only by putting myself as a person on the stage I can really teach.

I began at the age of 16 as Jazz dance teacher for groups of girls, supervisesd from my teacher, until at 18 I was hired, because of this experience, in a center for mentally retarded people. In the meantime I started to study Psycho-Pedagogy, specialising in difficulty disorders, mental retard and cerebral paralysis.

For 4 years I was consultant in Psycho-Pedagogy and runned a consulting center, where I worked with rehabilitation for children and teenagers with learning difficulties using mainly corporal techniques.

Here are some of my most important Biodanza® activities :

I`m Qualified and Didactic Teacher of Biodanza since about 15 years and I`ve been didactic coordinator of Rolando Toro School in Bologna for 10 years.

I`m Director of Rolando Toro School in Roma

I lead the specialisation in Biodanza® for children and teenagers since 1994, starting in Barcellona (Spain) in 1994, in Hamburg (Germany) in 1998 and 1999, in Nice (France) in 2001, in Brasilia (Brasil) in 2000, in São Paulo (Brasil) in 2002 and in Italy since 1999 to nowadays.

Concerning didactics for training schools I focalizes my interests and researches in the following subjects: Creativity, Trance, and Biocentric Education.

I worked together with the Education Sciences Department of Psychology College in Bologna University as Biodanza® teacher for the Tempus project in Russia.

I presented my job with Biodanza® in schools at the World Congress organized in 1999 from Bologna University on the subject "Emotion of Knowledge and Desire to Exist", giving tools for a Biocentric Education through the theory and vivencia of Biodanza®.

Besides leading adult groups, I lead groups in nurseries, kindergartens, primary, secondary, and high schools since 1993, groups of disabled adults and teenagers affected by cerebral paralysis and metal retard since 1995, and persons with psychical disease in specific communities since 2001.