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The Circle Centro Studi Biodanza®, costituted according to the art. 18 of Italian Constitution, to artt. 36, 37 and 38 of Civil Code, to laws n. 266/91 and n. 383/2000 in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO), is a center of associated life, autonomous, pluralist, with no connections to political parties, with a volunteer spirit, democratic and progressist.


The Circle is a united and autonomous istitution; it has no profit purposes, but solidarity and culture as goals, it`s financially independent, is democratically directed by a Committee elected by all members.


All installations, services, structures, activities promoted and organized by the Circle are avaliable to any member, who has the right to freely use them repecting the related rules.


The same rules determine also the use and participation to minor of 18 years old.


The Circle, considering the plurality of aims ad its activities, may organize in groups. Moreover it can promotes cooperatives, associations and other self managed entities with the task of give responses to the needs of those who recognize themselves in the targets and finalities of the circle itself.


The Circle may also develop secondary activities complementary to the main interests of the association.


The groups, the associations, the cooperatives and other entities constituting the Circle may operate also through a wide network of cooperation with the democratic associationism and with the cooperative associations.


The tasks, the levels of responsibility, the rules of the associations, of the groups of interest, of the cooperatives and of other entities constituting the Circle are defined by appropriate regulations and statutes accordingly with the actual laws.


The regulations of appilcation of the statute and any other regulation are integra l part of the statute.

For its aims and activities the Circle join a national association of social promotion.


The main aim of the Circle is to promote cultural, sportive, turistic and leisure activities, and services, contributing in this way to the cultural an civil growth of its members. Specifically the circle, to reach its goals, promotes the practice and the training in  Biodanza® , Rolando Toro system.


Any field where cultural, leisure, training experiences exist, and all those where we can fight any ignorance, intolerance, violence, censorship, injustice, discrimination, racism, emargination, forced loneliness, are of potential interest for the Circle.


The Circle looks moreover moments of confrontation with local social political forces, with political institutions, with local and cultural councils, turistic and sportive realities, in the different roles values, to realize shared projects, in the planning of a territorial planning with the prevalent and determinant contribution, free and voluntary, of its members.


The Circle, to reach its social goals, can act any financial and estate operation which will be considered useful.