:: Rolando TORO School in Bologna - Italy ::

11th   Cycle   -    2 0 1 6

New Cycle - Training in Bologna


Director: Sérgio Cruz


26-27-28    February /2016

The “Vivencia”

 Theme n° 03


 Sérgio Cruz (Bologna/Italy)

08-09-10 April/2016

Definition and Theoretical Model of Biodanza® Theme n° 01


 Monica Turco (Bologna/Italy)

20-21-22  May/2016

Biological Aspects of Biodanza®

Theme n° 04


Sérgio Cruz (Bologna/Italy)

01-02-03  July/2016

The Human Movement

Theme n° 11


Micaela Bianco (Bergamo/Italy)

30 Sept.  01-02 October/2016


Theme n° 12


Rolando Toro Figlio (Rio De Janeiro/ Brazil)

11-12-13 November/2016 

Physiological Aspects of Biodanza®

Theme n° 05 


Sérgio Cruz (Bologna/Italy)

09-10-11 December/2016 


Theme n° 15 


Gill Piras (Roma/Italy)



Centro Studi Biodanza® Bologna

  :: Rolando TORO School in Bologna - Italy ::


Director: Sérgio Cruz  


To be accepted in the Training Schools of Biodanza® "Rolando Toro        " is necessary:

A minimum of 50 hours of "vivencias" in Biodanza®, an introductory letter from the qualified teacher of the weekly classes and a talk with the school`s director.

The training path includes: participating to regular deepening classes in Biodanza®, 27 training workshops, 12 theroetical conferences held in four
special workshops, study meetings, a brief resume written at every workshop, and, at the end, 8 compulsory supervision conducted by a Didactic Biodanza Teacher .

To become Qualified Teachers in Biodanza®, endorsed by the school "Rolando TORO" and by International Biocentric Foudation, the student must present a monograph of a theory subject in Biodanza® and discuss it in a meeting organized byand in a Biodanza® school or in an official congress of Biodanza®.

Sérgio Cruz