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                      ITALY -  Rolando Toro School of Bologna

                      1th     Module:       04-05-06 October  2019

                     2th     Module:        15-16-17    November   2019

                     3th     Module:     20-21-22   December    2019

The workshop start on Friday at 7.30 pm and ends Sunday at 6 pm



 Application open only to qualified teachers and students under supervision (accompanied by letter or mail from their school directors allowing participation ).

Everybodywho has already carried out this extension can apply to repeat one ot both modules with a 50% reduction of the fee

The aim of this extension, beside training teachers in the extension of children and teenagers, is above all to meditate on our radicalization of vivencia and Biodanza principles, to understand the view of childhood and adolescence from the Biocentric point of view.

There will be shown videos made with children and teenagers, which will help the understanding of methodology.

The following aids will be given:

· a booklet of Biodanza for Children written by Rolando Toro.

· a booklet written by Monica Turco, revised by Rolando Toro which includes: ten sessions made with children and teenagers and a list of musics and exercises which integrates the existing one.

  • 11 CD (at request) with recommended music of Biodanza for session with children and teenagers, integrating the official connection already in use. (many of them are specific for particular situations )


Modules' Structure


Module I


· Main target for the development of working with children (from kindergarten to primary schools).

· Basic concepts of Biocentric Education as proposed by Prof. Rolando Toro.



· Limits management following the Biocentric Education

· Show of vides and comments.



· Study of methodological aspects reasoning about the sessions present in the booklet.

· Demonstration and study of exercises, annonciations and music for different age ranges.


" V i v e n c i a s "


· specific vivencia for particularly difficult groups.


· Three didactic "vivencias" developing the progressivity of the proposed dances, either with children as with teenagers in the lines of Vitality, Creativity and Affection, with related exercises and music previously explained.


· Harmonizing "Vivencias" .

Module II

· Question time concerning doubts remaining from first module.


· Main goals for the development of work with pre-adolescents and adolescents.


· Methodology deepening.

· Study of methodological aspects reasoning about the sessions present in the booklet.

" V i v e n c i a s "


· The "vivencias" will be in agreement with the group, its requests and its needs.

Certification will be given only at the end of 3th Module

by International Biocentric Foundation

for students under supervision the certificate will not be valid until they become qualified


This specialisation will be held in







Born in Venezuela, when 16 years old she taught Jazz dance to group of girls, supervisesd from her teacher, until at 18 she was hired, because of her experience, in a center for mentally retarded people. In the meantime she started to study Psycho-Pedagogy, specialising in difficulty disorders, mental retard and cerebral paralysis. For 4 years she is consultant in Psycho-Pedagogy and runs a consulting center, where she works with rehabilitation for children and teenagers with learning difficulties using mainly corporal techniques.

She is Qualified and Didactic Teacher of Biodanza since about 15 years. She's President of Centro Studi Biodanza and didactic coordinator of Rolando Toro School in Bologna.

Currently she's Didactic Director of Rolando Toro School in Roma.

She teached this specialisation in Barcelona (Spain) in 1994, in Hamburg (Germany) in 1998 and 1999, Nice (France) in 2001 and in Italy since 1999.


Concerning didactics for training schools she focalizes her interests and researches in the following subjects: Creativity, Trance, Biocentric Education and Biodanza for Children and Teenagers.

She has worked together with the Education Sciences Department of Psychology College in Bologna University as Biodanza teacher.

She has presented her job with Biodanza in schools at the World Congress organized in 1999 from Bologna University on the subject "Emotion of Knowledge and Desire to Exist", giving tools for a Biocentric Education through the theory and vivencia of Biodanza.

She leads in Italy groups in nurseries, kindergartens, primary, secondary, and high schools since 1993.

She leads in Italy groups of disabled adults and teenagers affected by cerebral paralysis and metal retard since 1995.

She leads groups in psychiatric and AIDS bearer communities since 2000.