The Biodanza® systems works on the whole body, giving a greater well-being, through:

  • Reinforcing of organic functions
  • Re-education in affection and motility
  • Promote the expression of Identity

Collateral applications are available in case of psychosomatic and psychomotor difficulties.


We find new ways to communicate our self, since the connection with life become stronger, the organic self regulation works better, and the same happens to the expression of ourselves.
The great modifications can be found

  • in the capacity to choose,
  • in the renovation of our life,
  • in the artistic creation;
  • in establishing lasting relationships,
  • in the full awareness of our sexual identity,
  • in an ecological conscience

All the emotions modify immediately the neuroendocrine answers from the cerebral hypothalamus, this change the quantities of hormone and neurotransmitters, which in turn involve deeply the whole organic activity. In Biodanza® the limbic-hypothalamic region is harmonically activated through instinctive and affective emotional stimulus (called vivencias) which, thanks to their qualities of intensity and emotion, go to upgrade the mechanism of self-regulation, usually blocked by stress, anxiety and by the fear of living. The vivencias represent indeed some of the "integrating emotions" which more then others can bring happiness and health to the whole body:

joy of living,
sensible communication,
trust in ourselves.

It`s just starting from the concept of the influence of emotions on the visceral self-regulation centers that have had origin the experience of Biodanza®. To live these healthy emotions bring as a consequence a "natural visceral self-regulation" whose roots lie directly into the biological principles which are functional to the expression of life.