International  Biocentric  Foundation


"Centro Studi Biodanza® Bologna"


Rolando Toro School in Bologna - Italy

Friendship and Permanent Training Sphere



Sérgio Cruz

Bologna, 29-30-31 January  2016


Reserved to Qualified Teachers, Students under supervision and Students of Training Schools into Methodology  




I feel very important to understand deeply  and in a "vivencial" way the theory  of sequential dances created by  prof. Rolando Toro Araneda and which belong to the inheritance of the Biodanza® System.  

So I created this workshop, which can be a moment of great reflection not only theoretically but also with "experience/vivencia". We will "dive" into sequential dances, in their symbols and archetipes. 

I`ve embedded this workshop into the "Friendship and Permanent Training Sphere" of the Rolando Toro School in Bologna because I strongly believe in a space where teachers, students under supervision, and students who are into methodology classes could esperiment themselves in a free a protected way. This sphere becomes a strong affective support and a theoretical sharing among people who have done similar choises, that is to live of Biodanza®. I`m not referring only to those who work and get economical subsistence from Biodanza®, I`m thinking at the choice of feeding and be fed to and from the world Biodanza® movement, I think about the existencial choice to live particularly at an affective level, which cement us all in a very strong way.


Sérgio Cruz



"Conscious that the vivencial symbolism evokes the archetype from which it has originated, in this work it`s noticeable the importance of the Sequential Dances as a rescue of the natural movement, which is often kept aside from the everyday life because of the imperative coming from the current cultural models"

Almira Rocha

(Important Didactic Teacher of the principle of  Biodanza® movement in Recife-Brasil)


Dance of the Seed


To flourish into life


Dance of Friendship


Dances of Love I,  II  e  III


Dance of Creation


Dance of Shiva


Dance of Vishnù


Dance of Isis and Osiris