The crisis of the time being is the crisis of the world of perception and relationship. The experience always pass through words, models, images, objects. The man loose the new and peculiar experience of life.

The crisis of our times is the crisis of THE time: we are always busy, informed, in action, thinking.

Which qualities may have our actions, so quick and frantic, not really connected to our true feelings?
What`s the quality of our life without being in touch with natural and organic rhythms?
Where have we lost our sensibility which let us understand when we need a rest, or we need to move more quickly, or when we need a human touch and warmth?

We`ve favoured for long time the intellectual knowledge. the rationality, loosing in this way the connection with the heart of matters of human beings. The concern of Biodanza® is to reverse this trend, in order to give back the priority of the experience of the body and of the sensibility.
To dance our life is possible, into the wholeness of our uniqueness, in harmony with others and with the environment to try to harmonize the relationship between nature and culture through our living.
And, last but not least, to abandon ourselves to the listening of perceptions and emotions coming from ourselves.

Biodanza® is a system which re-establish our existence, a system of human development based on music and movement in a group. The music, a universal language, is capable to free feelings and emotions like happiness and tenderness. The combination of music, movement and emotion brings to the "vivencia".

Rolando Toro`s intent was to give back to man the consciousness of his own creative power in a poetic path which chooses life. Tries to awake in one`s self the gift of expression, and to replace the experience of languages in their original and always present perspective, the creation.
The expression, even before being in arts, is in life itself, is in the existence in form of words and gestures: a man living the present and open to the dimension of what is possible.

Biodanza® works through a dynamics of opening, through a progressive elimination of distances, so tha each person find himself close to the other. Biodanza® promote the encounter, in a continuous creation of connections which links to ourselves, to the others and to the world. It`s an instant relationship. It acts through the dance in search of our own movement, the single word which bring and give shape to our potentials.


Dance and music in Biodanza®

Biodanza® redeems the pleasure of movement. Each artistic movement is also a deep vital movement which comes from an "infinite knowledge", a deep and emotional trust to be alive and pulsing.
With his movements a dancer reveal us the sensation of completeness, of life generating emotion, drawing with his body involving compositions connected with an inner aesthetics, showing an evolutionary path of pleasure and cosmic harmony. The total connection with life itself. In the same way as a musician communicate, through sonority movement, the rhythmic harmony of the universe, giving as a gift the impulse to dance life. A piano player, for example, express his self "-listening" and "-moving", his dance on the piano keyboard. The more he`s connected with his emotions, the greater will be the fluidity of his movements, and the more will induce in us, listeners, a movement inviting us to dance.
A universal, integrated, movement will lead to an integrated dance. The music is a universal key, to have access to the heart.
The music in Biodanza® invite to organicity, to integrality and to fullness.