Rolando Toro school of Bologna - Director: Sérgio Cruz 

Biodanza® school Rolando Toro of Bologna have the aim to train Biodanza® teachers with the Rolando Toro system.

They are authorized by Prof. Rolando Toro and by "International Biocentric Foundation", and follow the rules of the unique world program, present in every training school in South America and Europe.

Bologna`s schools` priorities are the development and personal growth directed to the collective communion, and this all starting from the "Biocentric Principle", the "vivencia" and the cohabitation.

They`ll use the Biodanza® system in its fundamental aim, that of re-educating to the vital motivation, the authenticity, the affective and transcendent ability.

Different specialized teachers will be invited, some coming from South America, to bring us their experience, their didactic ability and their training help.

We will work together with a team of didactic teachers who will lead the students in their training, and with many other qualified Biodanza® teachers who will accompany us committing their pupils.

With affection,

Sérgio Cruz

Training program

01 - Definition of Biodanza and Theoretical Model of Biodanza®
02 - Vital Unconscious and Biocentric Principle
03 - The "Vivencia"
04 - Biological Aspects of Biodanza®
05 - Physiological Aspects of Biodanza ®
06 - Psychological aspects of Biodanza®
07 - Mythical and Philosophical antecedents of Biodanza®
08 - Identity and Integration
09 - Trance and regression
10 - Contact and Caresses
11 - The Human Movement
12 - Vitality
13 - Sexuality
14 - Creativity
15 - Affectivity
16 - Transcendence
17 - Mechanisms of action of Biodanza ®
18 - Biocentric Education
19 - Applications and Extensions of Biodanza®
20 - Biodanza Ars Magna
21 - Methodology I: (Musical Semantics )
22 - Methodology II: (The Biodanza Class ®)
23 - Methodology II: (The Biodanza Class ® - continued)
24 - Methodology IV: (Courses and Weekend Workshops)
25 - Methodology V: (The Group of Biodanza®)
26 - Methodology VI: (Evaluation and development criteria in Biodanza®)
27 - Methodology VII: (List of Exercises and Music of Biodanza®


01 - Structure and Evolution of the Univers
02 - Theoried about Life`s Origin
03 - The Life
04 - From Chaos to Order. Fractals
05 - Biodanza® a new Epistemology
06 - Evolution of Human Image from Prehistory to Nowadays
07 - "Theoretical Psichology" subjects to study
08 - Ethics
09 - Existencial Rehabilitation
10 - Motivations for Living
11 - Language and Expression
12 - Antrophology of Dance

Centro Studi Biodanza® - Sérgio Cruz

To be accepted in the Training Schools of Biodanza® "Rolando Toro" is necessary:
A minimum of 50 hours of "vivencias" in Biodanza®, an introductory letter from the qualified teacher of the weekly classes and a talk with the school`s director.
The training path includes: participating to regular deepening classes in Biodanza®, 27 training workshops, 12 theroetical conferences held in four special workshops, study meetings, a brief resume written at every workshop, and, at the end, 8 compulsory supervision conducted by a Didactic Biodanza Teacher .
To become Qualified Teachers in Biodanza®, endorsed by the school "Rolando Toro" and by International Biocentric Foundation, the student must present a monograph of a theory subject in Biodanza® and discuss it in a meeting organized by and in a Biodanza® school or in an official congress of Biodanza®.