Seduction and Determination

of Tiger and Snake

In Prof.Toro`s opinion, "these animals are considered kinetic archetypes from the symbolic point of view, and therefore as postural expression of our existence. This allows us to build a poetic profile of our identity".

The tiger has the intensity of the fire, determination much tonicity, together with lightness and fluidity. The energy of the tiger is radiating. Its movements are sensual, synergic and limber.

The snake has mainly movements connected to the earth, like the contact with the primordial, the concreteness, the sexuality, the reality. Its movements are sinuous and harmonic, and for this it is identified as an archetype of sexual origin. Adherent, charming, voracious. It`s energy has origin from the pelvic area and rides up until its hypnotic eyes.

In this workshop we`ll go deep into two attitudes which are in common between the tiger and the snake: seduction and determination, with all their chances and alternatives.


Sérgio Cruz