To build, to Create, to Transform - Brahma, Vishnu e Shiva


The human organism is constantly into transformation and  renovation. The universe itself is constantly into an harmonizing process; winds, rain, flashes, are all movements to acquire equilibrium.

Rediscovering own gestures, creating own spaces, means transforming.

Many times the unbalance in our life, or the little pleasure which we live with,  causes deep dissatisfaction and calls for deep changes.

Some old attitudes are not useful anymore, at the opposite many other have to be maintained, like the human values of love, the spontaneousness of the discoveries, the innocent smile, the tenderness of embraces.

To mantain these estimable human aspects may be useful as a foundation over which to build new ways to be and to communicate ourselves.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are elements of the indian trilogy, and represent the forces of creation, preservation and transformation.Their respective dances offer a deep "vivencial" possibility and the feedback of these features.

The actions are born in the heart, are preserved in their entity, and transform themselves into the existence.

The transformation is totally connected with the building and the preservation. Through love life is born, labirinths are built, movement are transformed, faces are enlightened and so a new life is born again.


Sérgio Cruz