The Minotaur Project is an extraordinary approach to the human destiny. A methodology for the discovering of one`s identity. A mith from the ancient Greece and a contemporary ritual are used to open to an inner path.

The labirinth is an archetypical metaphor to represent our existence, full of doubts and enigmas.

The Minotaur, creature with a human body and a bull head, symbolizes the wild and instinctive part which lives inside us like a primordial power.

The mission of the "project" is to re-establish the contact with these primordial forces, to value their beauty and their power of self-regulation. In this experience the "challenge" doesn`t consist in killing the "Inner Minotaur" but in assuming it (make it our own).

The Tree of Fears reveals to us the situations which, in our life, generate alarm: fear to walk into life, fear of death, fear to loose the limits, fear to be abandoned, fear of the new, fear to be replaces, etc. For each fear specific challenges are proposed.

The methodology of the "project" consist in facing the crisis situations by means of dances and ceremonies which have the appearance of the archaic "Misteries", to lead to the existencial enlightenment.

Prof. Rolando Toro