As prof. Toro says, "to know what we want from life and into life is part of the expression progress of our identity. If we wish something with passion and intensity, we convert ourselves in our own wish; when we love, we are ourselves "the love".

Our wishes are complicate stimulus originated by the instinct. The wishes have the power our behaviours in a persistent and organic way.

In regard to its duration we can distinguish them in:

- Temporary, whose satisfaction produces joy;

- Permanent, whose satisfaction produces happyness.

These last, in unconscious or conscious way, organize our life in a system of trends which outline the path of our life, and constitute a sort of wisdom.

Which are our permanent wishes, those which have always mobilized us and leaded our steps through the labirinth of existence?

Often we mix up the immediate wishes, connected with a "desire object", with the deep ones, which do not depend from any object.

The wishes have an intrinsic value which has a close relationship with our destiny. Prof. Toro put us a question: "May we listen to our wishes to reach our destiny?"

In this workshop, through individual and collective challenges, we will invite each of us to navigate in the deepness of ourselves, discovering which star guide, comand each own life, and to "vivenciate" its organizing power through the dance.

Sérgio Cruz