Voic, Music and Percussion Instruments

Working on integration and voice liberation in Biodanza® is highly important. I call it "vocal movement" or "voice dance". Inside the integrative proposition of Biodanza® the voice cannot be separated from integrated movement, from dance, where the pelvic, abdominal, diaphragmatic, pectoral, cervical and oral segments flow free and integrated, extending and resonating into the arms, hands, legs and feet.

In Biodanza® the "word" is normally reduced to minimum presence, because it`s strongly structured and rational, but when the word is full of emotions it`s already beginning to become a dance.

Many people who work everyday with the voice are very good in expressing their ideas and goals, but when they need to talk about their emotions, their life, their passions, they are blocked and almost cannot breath, excluding completely any chance of an integrated dance. During this work with voice in Biodanza® this dance is stimulated, a dance in which are fully integrated rithm, breathing, inner movements and external expressions.

The proposition of this workshop is to deepen the expressive and vocal movement of everyone, getting in touch with our inner rithms, musical living movements, our jumps for joy, and our pleasure, through this creative and integrated expression. 

By mean of percussion intruments we can arrive, in a creative and pleasant way, at a rithmic harmony with is fundamental to be able to feel ourselves, to move, to sing and to dance.

Sérgio Cruz


Please, bring your own musical percussion instrument, also a small one it`s OK