:: Identity and the Four Elements ::

The studies on the archetipic symbolism of four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, made by C.G. Jung and Gaston Bachelard, allow us an extraordinary interesting approach to the people`s identity.


Each person brings in himself, in different proportions, components of the four elements. The biggest problems of the existence arise when some of the elements cannot show up.

Working in "Biodanza® and Four Elements" helps to discover the structure of each person, who will learn to express through the corporal movement and the dance the inhibited element.

This system has given evidence of extraordinary achievements, due to the real chance, that every participant has, of an alchemical transformation.

Prof. Rolando Toro

"Vivencial" Aspects

The Fire of determination, of impetus, of power, and also of intensity, of erotism, of passion, of deep desire.

The Air of freedom, of expansion, of lightness, of tenderness, of dream, of sensible, of romanticism, of breathing or the opening to an embrace

The Water of fluidity, of adjustment, of purity, of sensuality, of pleasure, of melting, of fusion, allowing ourselves to abandon, to give up the control.

The Earth and the connection with the primordial, the sexual, our interior center, the base, the roots, the concreteness and the reality of "here and now".

In module III we will work individually by reading the movement, and then there will be a little talking to build together a little graph with a tetragram, characterizing and evaluating the single quantities of the elements, or their nuances, which have to be stimulated or unblocked.

The participants will be invited to a "Ceremony" and to make "the Dance" with one or more feature of the element less present, with the main aim to help to unblock his expression.

It will be a stimulus to discover the expression of the "self" in every nuance.

Sérgio Cruz