Nowadays, affective, sexual or creative dissociation is not the most important problem; the greatest difficulty lies in recognizing that we belong to the human species and in the perception that we are beings who live alongside nature or that we are an integral part of the planet earth- To be a whole. To perceive the whole as a part of ourselves.

Biodanza® in nature is the main extension in Biodanza® and concerns the perception and development of transcendence.

Dancing life means to dance with and in nature, to be the vegetation, trees, animals, human beings, the wind, fire, earth, water and clay, which is the original element.

It is very important to stay at the venue where the workshop is held: share, sleep, wake up, wash, eat, laugh, dance, enjoy ourselves and communicate all together.

The venue is a special place in the countryside and is surrounded by vegetation.

I wish to work in nature and in contact with people, with earth, with space, with air, with vegetation and clay.  


 Sérgio Cruz