“The Ecology of Love”

From as far back as can be remembered, the idea of the body has always been associated with pain, disease and suffering thus causing conformist and dependent behaviors and ways of living.

The fear of suffering can only be defeated through the development of our  ability to move towards pleasure.

Pleasure is so denigrated in the conventional scale of values that many people believe it is a synonym of superficiality, frivolity and materialism. However, real pleasure which does not derive from the depths and from the natural impulse towards life, does not exist.

Reinforcing our sensibility in order to find the paths towards pleasure is part of the learning in Biodanza. Learn to enjoy life’s both small and great pleasures.

The act of living itself is joyful.

The body sends information to the mind but we underestimate that information. If we are tired, dehydrated we often lack love.

When we feel a sexual desire, sometimes we do not make love; sometimes we do not know if we are hungry or thirsty and we do not understand if hunger or thirst are satisfied. We have lost the  ability to understand kin-esthetic language.

Our interior unity and harmony deteriorate in favor of exterior plans.

Thanks to Biodanza, we discover that the body is gentle, tender and harmonious. The body is voluptuous and intrinsically beautiful.


                                                     Prof. Rolando Toro