“ Feel, Be, Dare, Dream, Fly  and Realize“

Earth  -  The Basic Element   

If we think about what could be symbolic in expressing the element of the Earth, we perceive it should be something concrete, with a precise body and shape, with a definite consistency and an integral presence.

Earth is receptivity, abandon, woman, the continent, total support. It is serious, dark, deep, immense and powerful.

Withinconcreteness we can perceive the emerging of fertility: a potential nourishing the earth. Earth’s fertility also emerges in sacred books. The earth generates something moving, animate, basic, primitive, genuine and essential.

People who are bonded to the essence of life, like artists, lead us to the “marvelous” starting from pure reality through experiences we know very well and “nestle in our stomachs”. For instance: “romantic dramas in the world of literature”, “ sweet nostalgia in a romantic song”, “the strong assertive gesture of a sculpture”, “the smile of a girl or the nudity of a common woman in painting”.  Art is nourishment for our souls and reveals to us the marvels of reality and of the ordinary.


Air  -  The Soul   

The typical movements of air are indicated by how we express ourselves. If we are to choose some expressive nuances, we can define air as tenderness, sweetness, freshness, sensitivity and delicacy.

Pectoral movements, an embrace, a receptive look, a nice gesture, the relaxed heart, i.e. all  movements linked to the affective sphere are movements of air, like the archetypical gestures of giving and receiving, the ecological movement of breathing and sweet penetration.

When we breath we are filled with vital energy, with oxygen which banks up fire and gives us light, fluidity and exposes us to absolute vitality.

Vitality, tropism to lightness, flight, are characteristics of birds, a symbol of air.


 From Earth  To Air

   Sergio Cruz

Fertility is creation, transmutation, i.e. the infinite range of movements and possibilities; it is the earth fed with air; the breath of life which animates and allows us to move.

Occupying spaces, moving, expanding, all belong to the dimension of air and dreams and the dreams  we perceive in everyday life and that we do not often realize.

Reality, flight, love, daring, dreaming - these are driving forces which can be defined as “freedom of being”.

Earth is powerful for its power to generate life, for its fertile capacity to develop love, to offer itself as a fruit, with the sense of being as sweet and pretty as a flower.

The wisdom of being a flower and fruit is the realization and completeness of life itself.