Dancing the I CHING is one of the extensions proposed by  Prof. Rolando Toro in Biodanza®




In life anything can last, everything flows and changes

The only thing which doesn’t change is the Change



I Ching - the sacred Book of Changes - is an ancient Chinese book of wisdom. Its origin goes back to mythical antiquity. It has been used as an oracle from its earliest days answering the existential questions of the consultants. Its answers are based on the rigorous observation of the natural laws: cosmic, universal and archetypical laws which, by definition, respect all human beings and the phenomena, without any distinction.


I Ching can be consulted through a special system; dividing 50 yarrow stalks or throwing three coins. The answers are represented by hexagrams, consisting of two trigrams placed on top. The resulting trigrams are eight, which combining, build the 64 hexagrams, each of which can change….

 I Ching trigrams– each of which with its characteristics – are as follows:


Heaven – The Father

Earth – The Mother

3 sons – The Thunder, The Water and the Mountain;

and 3 daughters – The Wind – The Fire and The Lake



C.G.JUNG deeply studied this work and was fascinated by the answers of wisdom and significance which the oracle gave him.


We invite each of you to experience the same and initiate yourselves into this method in order to throw light on the mysteries of life.

It’s a process of the unknown growing consciousness connecting each of you with the words of the I Ching starting from your own subjectivity, your own thoughts, desires and intuitions because it’s in yourselves you’ll find your own answers which are inside you from time immemorial. 


Anyway, this doesn’t prevent I Ching from offering objective situations too.


Marlise  Appy




“Dancing the “I Ching” allows to “incorporate” through the dance, the meaning of the answer to the mistery of life”


 Prof. Rolando Toro