Nowadays, the couple’s relationship has a very important space in the research of the human beings. Most of people find the realization of love an experience extremely significant in their own life.


The myth of Eros and Psyche is much more than a love story with a happy end. The story tells about an initiation path for the fulfillment of love, the lovers’ maturation willing to deeply abandon in the “vivencia” of love.


Eros and Psyche remind us that men and women are different with regard to love. The way they live love, their willingness, reasons and expectations start from different points which meet when they dare to follow the path leading to the appreciation of their potentialities and the importance of the other in their life.


In the myth this path is lived as a process, an elaboration, a discover and a challenge.


In the  naïve simplicity of the myth is concealed the archetypal route of liberation leading to the complete abandon, facing and over passing those  limits which are actually inside us.

We invite you to follow these paths “vivencially” diving in the archetypal meaning of the passages of this myth.


Myrthes Gonzalez / Sérgio Cruz