In the processes of change both perception of our deepest desires and point of change are very important.   

When we are children we had dreams which we renounced bit by bit as we meet obstacles. These obstacles could have been: a rigid education, desires and plans the others have for us, duties and competition imposed by the culture, the continuous disqualification that is generated by our culture, certain attitudes acquired by religious values, the responsibility for things and actions which don’t truly belong to us, etc…

Transformation is a vital movement. We’ll be able contact our deepest and truest needs: things that really satisfies us,  makes us feel happy and full, small changes but basic to change our life and create the reality which can lead us to realization and joy. 

Each participant, through individual or group challenge, will have the opportunity to achieve a well integrated and effective identity: to be how he/she feels, not eternally divided: we will start to live united from our center, from our hearts and from our heads.

Like Shiva who dances and moves at the rhythm of the world-thus creating new methods, leaving what is unnecessary to recreate what is needed. Shiva is the perfect link with life, the true “God of Dance and Transformation”.


Sérgio Cruz