For women only

    According to the culture of patriarchy the male (the father) is not directly involved in the care of his children. The man guarantees his family’s survival and shows his love through financial stability, the satisfaction of material needs and the protection from surrounding hostilities. 

The affective estrangement caused by the impossibility to express love with a more joyful and tender presence with his children, causes an emotional estrangement which can change into a separation from their life and end up in abandon.

The impact of this cultural aspect in his daughters’ life becomes a feeling of total emptiness.

Man is no longer perceived as a person.

The woman lives with the idealized imagination of a super-hero or of the spellbound prince.

 Someone who can release her from her immense solitude. When these expectations are not corresponded, resentments usually arise against men.

In this workshop we propose to approach once again the male world of the father.

Nowadays woman is searching for her freedom and her full femininity but to realize this she must learn to understand the meaning of her Father in her life.

Not a model of an inaccessible and distant man but the possibility to return to an affective continent: the return of the father who lies within every woman.

 The perception of the man as a being different from the woman with different behavior and reactions but for this reason enchanter and complementary.


Myrthes Gonzalez / Sérgio Cruz