The force for self-realization

Identity recalls: be strong, genuine, authentic, deep, intimate, natural, etc… Self-esteem is love ourselves, be self-satisfied, accept ourseselves and be faithful to ourselves. The possibility to develop our natural force to love and above all love ourselves through our delightful actions and emotions and through our momentary limits.

Thanks to its movement, a cell shows to be alive and contacts other cells and the world. The love encounter between  a sperm cell and an egg cell creates a new life. Movements represent the deep expression of the new life. Our internal impulses generate our external movements, our expressive manifestations to the external world create an internal “move”. Emotions create gestures and gestures create emotions.
Dance makes us stronger because it frees our authenticity, reinforces our identity, gives us the sense of totality.
Once both warriors and farmers danced. They were used to thank life dancing. Dancing they faced their fears, the secrets of life and encountered Gods; the fusion with the “other” occurred through love dances.

Yang dances restore our greatness, independence, grip on reality, capacity of being. Yin dances deeply restore our vibrations, pleasure, emotions, happiness and intensity.
To open up to the other means to know ourselves, to look at someone in the eyes from the bottom of one’s hearth means to be perceived in all our beauty and fragility, means let our power of giving love and our sensuality be revealed in an authentic way. It means feeling as the other’s vibration is ours, feeling ourselves, being perceived and therefore estimate our value. It means to realize the we have wonderful abilities which we often don’t know.

During this workshop we will work on being strong, tonic, rhythmic, determined, open, capable; at the same time love, trust, fuse, enjoy, surrender, recognize the life, caress, communicate tenderness, breathe together with the others and be in the world.                                

Identity, dance, love and self-esteem give us the force for our self-realization.

Sérgio Cruz