To be reborn at any moment of our lives, to create new expressions ,a means to live intense moments of deepest connection with ourselves, sometimes chaotic but open to  new horizons; where life offers infinite possibilities.  Often we don’t  accept all the continuous gifts that life gives us.

After renewal comes enchantment, the wisdom of discoveries, intuition, the activation of  our vital centers; opening up to happiness and fulfillment.

Ecstasy is an organic function of fusion with totality, the feeling of belonging to the whole, the visceral certainty of eternity: the internal feeling of beauty of life itself.

During this workshop we’ll  develop our freedom to be alive, by stimulating internal and social renewal forces and   learning to be detached from our roles, from the easy social masks, from mental schemes, from the weights we bear, from the clothes which shelter us.

It will be the discovery of delicacy, purity, transparency, real estaethics, sensitivity  and deepest affection.

Live, feel, vibrate, dance and have “Freedom and Transcendance”.


Sérgio Cruz