To experience our interior Angel through dances and invocations is an extraordinary and propitiatory experience of what is beautiful and elevated inside us.

The image of the angel is an archetype of our unconscious, a nebula composed of all loved bodies and of the forces of cohesion which integrate life.

Therefore, angels are aspects of the “energy of connection” whose light and sweet quality has a protective and surrounding power.

The angel is within the body as a winged desire….

The dialogue between two people does not consist of words only. When they look into one another’s eyes, they are actually two angels who are communicating. Sometimes the angel of love communicates with the angel of desire or the angel of beauty with the angel of chaos.

The language of eye-contact derives from the depths of our being and is characterized by mystery, acceptnce, fear and fury. If we are sensitive to another’s eyes, we can perceive empathy or stay closed in our solitude.

When we can “see” the other, we begin to love him/her. We can close our eyes to protect ourselves or, better still, to feel a particular moment with intensity but also to visualize a fond image.

Prof. Rolando Toro