"beginning transformation" 

The first proposal will be focused on clearing/removing/eliminating the barriers which do not permit us to express all the nuances of our fire, which is very often the most controlled and repressed element.


Fire is transformation, opening and creation of our own vital space: basic elements of our existential process. Fire is also determination, concentration, force, tonicity, vitality and passion; it is erotism and seduction, the warmth of an embrace and a bright look.


The impulse to do, jump, enjoy, approach love, the impulse to live, these are other features of fire.


In the process of transformation, the perception of our deep desire (which is fire) is basic but the link with transformation is still very important, the link with the internal impulses which generate intensity.


When we are children we have dreams which we renounce to bit by bit as we meet obstacles. These obstacles may be: a rigid education, desires and plans which others have for us, duties and competition imposed by culture, the continuous disqualification generated by our culture, certain attitudes acquired by religious values, the responsibility for things and actions which do not truly belong to us, etc…


Evoke/recall and dance/express fire gives us the enchantment, light and warmth revealed by our internal fire.


The true “God of Dance and Transformation” is the eternal Shiva who dances and moves to the rhythm of the world - thus creating new methods, leaving what is unnecessary behind in order to recreate what is needed now, still in a loving bond with life.

                                                                                                 Sérgio Cruz