Painting, Poetry, Dance and Voice


In order to recover the feeling of movement  we approach our vital rhythms and meet our most basic pleasures.

A creative act is a moment of passion, a moment when we are eternally happy, when we enjoy movement, when we create our own pictures in space, when we feel light and free to fly. 

 The voice can’t be separated from integrated movement,  from dance, from the intense present. As Milton Nascimento, a Brazilian poet and singer, says:”…voice is a tool I can’t control, it raises towards infinity and caresses all of us. There are songs and moments when the voice is at its root, I don’t know if it happens when I’m  sad or when I’m happy…”

The voice arises from its root during the creative moment, the voice sings, sounds like a breath, like a moan, like free flowing  amazement. The creative act exists in the moment that it’s lived in, here and now, in the abundance of life itself.

Poetry, painting, dance and voice are manifestations of our deep desires to live. The voices of love are a masterpiece, the flight of the birds creates the painting , dance is the movement of the soul and poetry is the dance of love.

 Sérgio  Cruz

Creativity is authenticity, it  involves the whole person, is a crystalline, pure expression of ourselves, it is to realize our discoveries, allows us  to redefine our own concepts. It permits our renewal and growth and allows us to see transformation.

To be creative and authentic while making choices gives us the possibility to lead our lives in this  total  freedom to transform, grow and renew.”


Monica Turco


 “If the creative act is a subtle manifestation of the prodigious movement of a universe biologically organized and continually in creation, then human creativity can be considered an extension of these biocosmic forms which are expressed through each individual. We are simultaneously the message, the creature and creator”.

Prof. Rolando Toro