Pleasure, Desires and Life


The word "pleasure" holds, in modern life, a devaluated undertone. In Biodanza® we are trying to learn about pleasure by truly experiencing it. We do this by evoking our own pleasure; learn to recognize pleasure and doing it in such a way that it is gradually incorporated in our daily lives. This approach is still considered subversive and revolutionary in many educational and pedagogic processes.

To optimize- and develop the perception of self, others, nature and the world around us, to find the channels that lead us to the gifts of pleasure in life, represent in itself some of the basic methodology proposed in Biodanza ®.

Understanding the kinesthetic language (to perceive, experience and enjoy our own presence and the presence of the surroundings) is closely linked to the concept of intuition. Our intuition holds a deep knowledge of true well-being and knows how to search for, and recognize, the condition and feeling often experience as “coming home”.

The fear of suffering is reduced when we develop our capabilities to embrace true pleasure. Prof. Rolado Toro wrote:

"Biodanza ® is to learn about- and to enjoy all the large and small pleasures of life..";

"The act of living itself is joyful";

“Pleasure is so much denigrated in the conventional scale of values which for many is synonymous with superficiality and frivolity and materialism. But in fact, real pleasure comes from a profound, authentic and pure place with deep connection with the natural and healthy enthusiasm for life. "

It is interesting to note that all true pleasure arises from a wish or a desire. This wish or desire can some time be deep and sometimes not deep, and it can be conscious or very often it is unconscious. Pleasure is always supported as a basic desire.

Our desires are complex impulses whose origin is our instincts. Prof.Toro says that

"The desire has the capacity of being the organizing principles of our behavior ..."

It is our desires together with its belonging pleasures that organize our lives like an internal compass, and constitute a form of wisdom of the species. We can also say it is a wisdom that is inherent to Life itself,  and in particular to the human species.

All this shows life in all its splendor, it is the highlight of its essential values.

In this workshop will try to contact the pleasure and desire that life has given us as natural resources. We will give them form, and we will try to incorporate them in all its splendor.... these steps leads us into a magic word: Happiness.

Sérgio Cruz